DASTAN brand offers collections that include a wide range of suits, jackets, trousers and shirts, available in a wide range of sizes. Thinking about customers with an unusual silhouette or wishing to sew a suit personalized especially for them, there is also a possibility of a fit sewing (made to measure). It consists in the fact that a professional advisor collects from the customer in the living room a measure, based on the available models of clothing. From their full offer, the customer can choose the one he likes the most, and our tailors will take care to best fit him to the customer’s figure. Thanks to the patterns of fabrics, lining and accessories, the customer can choose each of these elements, which are part of the suit. Thanks to that, he will be able to create his dream suit with us without any problems, worked out in the smallest detail.

Additionally, it is possible to personalize the customer’s initials by embroidering them inside the jacket. It is an ideal solution for individualists who value craftsmanship and attention to detail. Thanks to the sewing fit every man in an affordable price and short waiting time will be able to have in his wardrobe a suit created especially for him.

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